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Seller Fee:  Zero – there are no fees or commissions to sell your items at auction through The Angling Marketplace – this includes Paypal and merchant service fees associated with the buyer’s payment of your items.

What is provided:  The Angling Marketplace provides the online bidding platform, auction catalog, collection of buyer payments, collection and remittance of sales tax, and post-auction seller payments. Sellers provide the photos, descriptions, invoices and shipping.

Auction items:  You are welcome to list any items you choose – as long as it can legally be sold, anything and everything is acceptable.

Seller Name:  Each seller is required to provide their name or business name for the Seller Directory, and a contact email for bidder questions.

Advertising:  Each auction will be promoted to a dedicated audience of tens of thousands of fishing tackle collectors, fishermen and enthusiasts.

Set Auction Dates:  The Angling Marketplace holds monthly auctions starting on the second Friday of every month. Providing an advertised auction start and end date creates excitement and bidder participation for your listing – no specific event date (as with randomly listed eBay auctions), can mean missed bidder participation. Multiple event eCards and mass marketing draw serious collector attention to your items.

No Snipe Bidding:   Snipe bidding is not possible in this format. You need not worry about lost revenue due to an automated snipe bid entered at the last second, with no time for others to place another bid. At the close of the auction on Friday night at 7:00pm EST, each lot will remain open if a bid is received in the last 10 minutes (between 6:50pm and 7:00pm), and will stay open for additional bids until there is no bidding activity for 10 minutes. This assures your items will receive every bid.

Social Media:   You are welcome to post a direct link to your personal auctions on social media, message boards and/or your website. This is a great way to draw bidders to your specific auction items. As soon as the catalog is live, your link will be available for you to share.

Shipping:  Sellers set the shipping charge. Each lot’s shipping cost will be displayed under the description, to be paid by the buyer as part of their total invoice. Sellers will have the ability to modify the shipping cost on each buyer’s invoice post auction.

Seller Checks:  Seller’s auction proceeds checks are mailed once their buyers have received their lots, typically within ten days to two weeks.

Returns:  Should an item be determined “not as described”, the guarantee of a full refund including shipping will be honored. Buyers are required to notify the seller within 3 days of receipt (Delivery Confirmation), after that time no returns will be accepted.

Next Auction:  The next seller timed auction will start July 12. If you would like to participate in the upcoming auction and don’t have a Seller account, please fill out the form below. Upcoming Deadline: All descriptions and photos must be submitted by July 9 for the next auction.

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